God’s favor is your promise!

You can live in God’s favor TODAY! God will use every experience in your life to position you for something greater. If you need:

  • A breakthrough in a relationship
  • A promotion at work
  • A new, life-changing connection
  • A level of increase in your finances . . .

Because God’s favor is your promise, you don’t have to wish or hope for it. It’s already yours!
The question isn’t: Do you have God’s favor? The question is: Are you positioned to receive it?

With your gift of any amount, you can request:

  • The single CD message “Position Me” and the prayer of blessing card.

With your gift of $90 or more, you can request:

  • The new 7-message DVD series Positioned for Favor, the prayer card, and the inspiring  Favored leather journal.

Thank you for your support of T.D. Jakes Ministries and for your faithful prayers and gifts. Your connection with the ministry helps reach millions around the world. We do this through The Potters Touch television ministry, our online ministries, global outreach missions, and live events.