Here’s How T.D. Jakes Is Tackling Mental Health in the Church

Bishop T.D. Jakes is shaking things up with a new initiative designed to help faith leaders tackle their mental health challenges head-on.

It’s well-established that being a faith leader is no walk in the park. A whopping 63 percent of pastors admit they often feel frequently overwhelmed, and 42 percent have toyed with the idea of calling it quits in the past year because of burnout.

Enter Jakes’ “Faith and Mental Health Hub.” This free online program is all about giving pastors the tools they need to get a handle on their mental health. It’s packed with over a dozen videos that dive into what mental health really is, how to break down stigma among leaders, and ways to prioritize self-care. The content is especially tuned in to the needs of Black and Latino leaders, who, according to recent surveys, are the least likely to get the mental health support they need.

During an online forum where Jakes announced the details of the hub, faith leaders and non-profit organizations shared why they’re backing the new initiative.

“There are so many leaders in our faith communities who are trying to be a resource for everyone else,” said Joshua DuBois, president of Values Partnerships, “but frequently, their own mental health gets overlooked.”

The course, available in English and Spanish, doesn’t just help faith leaders; it also gives them the tools to support their congregations’ mental health needs, too.

Thema Bryant, President of the American Psychological Association and an ordained minister, shared she’s grateful the hub is providing “culturally and spiritually sensitive” information for leaders.

“This web-based hub will be a valuable tool for all types of spiritual leaders by helping them become more effective counselors to the communities they serve and giving them information to support their own mental health,” she said.