T.D. Jakes Breaks New Ground, Installs Daughter, Son-in-Law as Potter’s House Assistant Pastors

Bishop T.D. Jakes, the founder and senior pastor of the Dallas, Texas-based megachurch The Potter’s House, installed his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband Touré Roberts as the first-ever assistant pastors to be named to the church’s leadership.

During a special 27th anniversary service on Sunday, Jakes, 66, installed the couple along with other current ministers of the church who also received new assignments on stage in front of the assembled congregation.

“Before I give you the charge, I want to preface it by saying you might be surprised to be here. But God is not. He said before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee,” Jakes said to the five people. “I ordained you. Before any man can ordain, I ordained you. I sanctified you. I set you apart. I made sure you never fit right nowhere else.”

It was the first time The Potter’s House has appointed assistant pastors in the church’s nearly three-decade history, according to The Christian Post (CP).

In addition to naming the Robertses as assistant pastors, other church leaders received new titles.

Elder Frank Dyer, the church’s COO, was also named as executive pastor. He recently battled myelodysplastic syndrome which is also called “pre-leukemia,” the CP reported.

“It is not lost on me that he called you while the enemy was trying to kill you, and that had Satan had his way, we wouldn’t be consecrating you, we would be burying you,” Jakes told Dyer.

Oscar Williams, another church elder was appointed as the dean of Worship Arts at Jakes Divinity School.

“Dr. Oscar Williams, the hand of the Lord that set you aside for such a time this. One of the most turbulent, painful, bitter, and blessed times in your life. Somewhere over the balconies of Heaven, your mother and father are looking down on you,” Jakes said.

Associate Pastor Joel Tudman was also named as a member of The Potter’s House corporate leadership team.

“To all of you, I charge you, minister of the word, and sacrament, brother, or sister in Christ, you have been called of God. You have been called by God. Through the leading voice of this congregation to be its minister. You have been called to help lead these people in the way of Jesus Christ. Within the common Ministry of all of us, you have been set apart for special service, each one unique in its own way to equip the Body of Christ for its ministry of reconciliation,” Jakes urged them.

“In the world, as you embark on this chapter of your life and your ministry, I charge {you} remember always that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. I charge you to seek to live with the joy and confidence that comes from being rooted in the Gospel and in knowing the giftedness of life,” he added.

After recognizing the new appointments, Jakes reflected on the church’s past 27 years.

“We are still here,” he said. “Our strength is not abated, and our eyes are not blurred, but God has allowed us the privilege of more help for more reach.”

As CBN News reported in May, Jakes announced a $1 billion partnership with Wells Fargo to increase the “economic vitality and inclusivity” of underserved communities across America.

He told CBS Mornings that the T.D. Jakes Group will collaborate with Wells Fargo for a period of 10 years to fund a variety of projects that foster community development.

He told the outlet that now is the time to help propel minority communities toward success.

“The future looks very bleak, particularly for minorities,” he said. “Black people, Brown people and also poor White people who are finding it difficult, workforce people, to find a job, to find opportunities to get housing, to get upward mobility.”

Wells Fargo will provide the capital, financing, and grants to revitalize neighborhoods and foster economic opportunity.