T.D. Jakes Foundation Hosts Disruptive Conversation with Texas Leaders Ahead of Hiring Mixer in Dallas

Leaders openly discussed the future of AI, education and the workforce as annual partnership addressed unemployment

Recently, the T.D. Jakes Foundation opened the door of opportunity to over 1,500 job seekers by providing them with career advancing opportunities, resources, and knowledge. On October 7, the T.D. Jakes Foundation continued enriching under-served communities through education and workforce development at their You’re Hired Fall 2023 hiring mixer and with a special Disruptive Conversations panel.

In an effort to close the employment gap, global leader, T.D. Jakes and Paul Quinn College President, Dr. Michael Sorrell led a unique discussion alongside Workforce Dallas Development Czar, Lynn McBee. The discussion addressed real world solutions to confidently navigate the obstacles faced with the rise of AI, acquiring tech skills, and underrepresentation in the tech industry.

As the landscape of technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) rapidly evolves, it has the potential to usher in both uncharted possibilities and professions that can propel our society for- ward. But, the emergence of novel tech and A.I. presents a double-edged sword: not all groups will be seamlessly integrated into this transformative wave. Without targeted support and equitable access to workplace training and development, under- served communities risk being left behind and miss- ing out on the jobs that will drive the future economy. The panel illuminated the ways all socio-economic demographics can succeed and help the audience adapt their skills to flourish in the face of rapid workforce change.

As part of their Fall Hiring Mixer, 40 companies including but not limited to H.D. Supply, State Farm, FC Dallas, Bank of America, Amazon and many more were present. Many companies conducted on-the-spot hiring and provided job seekers with life-changing employment opportunities like headshots, laptop give-a-ways, interview prep and more.

The T.D. Jakes Foundation’s work in the community will continue through intervention services, job training, educational and aftercare programs. This event is one of many opportunities the foundation strives to elevate and integrate services, including job skills, training, and support to transform lives so those in need can navigate a maze of programs and bureaucracies.
To learn more about what the T.D. Jakes Foundation is doing visit: https://tdjfoundation.org/