T.D. Jakes Foundation Hosts Disruptive Conversation with Texas Leaders Ahead of Hiring Mixer in Dallas

Leaders to openly discuss the future of AI, education and the workforce as annual partnership addresses unemployment

WHO: Panelists: T.D. Jakes Foundation Chairman T.D. Jakes, Dallas Mayor Eric
and Paul Quinn College President Dr. Michael Sorrell will explore
significant topics affecting today’s workers.

Moderator: WFAA Reporter, Rebecca Lopez

WHAT: Disruptive Conversation Panel: Based on the New York Times best-selling
book ‘Disruptive Thinking: A Strategy to Change How We Live, Lead and Love’
,this exclusive conversation will discuss the future of the workforce and
disruptive topics like AI and how to navigate an ever-changing work landscape
successfully. The panel will illuminate the ways all socio economic
demographics can succeed and help the audience adapt their skills to flourish
in the face of rapid workforce change.

Open to the public; $50 admission. Disruptive Conversation registration here.

Hiring Mixer: In collaboration with Workforce Dallas, The Dallas Mavericks,
and Truist Bank the highly-anticipated annual event aims to add to the 26,000+
jobs added to the Texas economy in recent weeks. Including more than 40
companies like HD Supply, State Farm, FC Dallas and more conducting on-the-
spot hiring and providing job seekers with life-changing employment

  • Includes resources for those who need assistance with transportation,
    childcare, health care and financial literacy.
  • Hiring mixer made possible by Workforce Dallas, The Dallas Mavericks, Truist Bank, and support from State Farm

WHEN: Saturday, October 7, 2023
Disruptive Conversation Panel: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Hiring Mixer: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

WHERE: The P.L.A.C.E at The Potter’s House of Dallas
6777 W Kiest Blvd, Dallas, TX 75236

WHY: As the landscape of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly evolves, it
has the potential to usher in both uncharted possibilities––and professions––
that can propel our society forward. But the emergence of novel tech and AI
presents a double-edged sword: not all groups will be seamlessly integrated
into this transformative wave. Without targeted support and equitable access
to workplace training and development, underserved communities’ risk being
left behind and missing out on the jobs that will drive the future economy. T.D.
Jakes Foundation provides a helping hand, guiding those in need through
intervention services, job training, educational and aftercare programs. The
foundation aims to elevate and integrates services, including job skills, training
and support to transform lives and enrich communities so those in need aren’t
left to their own devices to navigate a maze of programs and bureaucracies.


  • Speakers on stage and posed
  • On site event photos with jobseekers
  • B-Roll available upon request
  • Interviews available with:
    • Kelley Cornish, President & CEO of the T.D. Jakes Foundation
    • Others available upon request


T.D. Jakes Foundation is building bridges by unlocking the power of global competition
through workforce training that prepares workers to compete in today’s economy through
STEM/STEAM education, financial literacy and inclusion, and a laser focus to close the racial
wealth gap and support minority women in corporate leadership. For more than 40 years,
T.D. Jakes has connected diverse communities across socio-economic divides. The
Foundation harnesses decades of resources and connections to prepare people for success
in the 21st-century workforce, lift underserved populations and connect corporations to new,
highly skilled pools of talent amid increasing global competition. For additional information
visit: https://tdjfoundation.org/