Will Smith, T.D. Jakes And George Clinton Raise $10M For Benjamin Crump’s Law School

On Feb. 8, Benjamin Crump was honored by St. Thomas University in Florida with the Benjamin L. Crump College of Law — marking the first law school in the U.S. named after a practicing Black attorney — according to CBS News Miami.

Crump’s honor came equipped with huge support from several people in his circle.

Celebrating Ben Crump

TMZ reports that Will Smith, George Clinton, and Bishop T.D. Jakes all joined forces to raise $10 million for the new institution.

“Ben has been an absolutely spectacular friend and guide. And that’s why it is important for me to be here with him today. There are very, very few people in the world with a heart like this,” said Smith during the naming ceremony. “So it is my deepest honor and my deepest pleasure to be here to support and show some love and congratulations on this historic honor.”

During the celebratory event, Crump addressed the crowd with deep gratitude.

“I want you all to know that I feel like I’m the most blessed man on the face of the Earth today,” said Crump.

The Civil Rights Attorney’s Work

The renowned civil rights leader has been known for his recent work in representing the families of victims of police brutality, including George Floyd, Michael Brown, and more recently Tyre Nichols.

Additionally, Crump has continued to be an advocate for civil rights for Black people across the nation through continuously lending his support to families like those of the late Trayvon Martin, whose mother was in attendance at the ceremony.

“I just came to salute him,” said Sybrina Fulton, according to WSVN. “And let him know that I’m proud of him for the work that he not only did for the Trayvon Martin Foundation but that he did for so many other families.”

She added: “I’m very proud of him.”