About T.D. Jakes Enterprises

T.D. Jakes Enterprises (TDJE) is a an award-winning social impact holding company with an innovative portfolio steeped in content creation, cultural change, community development, and capital investments.

Our mission is to create high-impact content and opportunities that disrupt convention and culture. Our team brings years of experience to some of the most significant challenges of our time. We’re results-driven, with a proven global record of impact in our core orbits of focus including: Empowerment, Entertainment, and Education for over 45 years.

TDJE reaches millions through entrepreneurial training, minority business accelerator initiatives and trailblazing representation in streaming unscripted series, film, music and publishing that has grossed over $500 million worldwide through original entertainment content. We are embarking upon seismic shifts in culture, to inspire, build, breathe, and broker. Whether it is through television & film, books, mentorship, real estate, or music, we are collaborative in our approach, spanning industries and continents.

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