About T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures, LLC

T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures, LLC (TDJREV) is in the business of solving sociological issues for entrepreneurship, mentorship, academic progress, & entertainment that spawns job creation by building bridges & alliances that build equity & deliver solutions for underrepresented & underserved communities.

The company recently launched a comprehensive community development platform to create 21st century solutions to address certain fundamental needs in targeted communities with a focus on economic development, job training/creation and educational enrichment. The aim is to address the fundamental needs of the community through strengthening human infrastructure in the community while also addressing the physical needs of the community through investment and development, increasing access to housing, and improved commercial delivery systems and services.

The vision of TDJREV is to serve as a thought leader addressing the fundamental issues and challenges facing underserved communities with the objective of developing sustainable and thriving communities. We invest the time and resources to understand the needs of the community and harness the requisite resources to realize the vision. We are developing for the long run. TDJREV understands the need for and has the expertise to evaluate and access the various economic incentive tools created for underserved markets and will seek to blend these tools and strategies with private equity and debt to obtain the funding required to finance development projects in these markets.

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